Questions About Our Boat Rental Service in Sullivan, ME?

Downeast Boat Rentals is always happy to answer them

Downeast Boat Rentals takes pride in our safe, luxurious power boats. When you come to us for a boat rental, you can breathe easy knowing you're getting a shipshape boat that's ready for water exploration.

Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our boat rental service based in Sullivan, ME. For any other questions, you can get in touch with us right away by calling 207-460-6898.

How old do I have to be in order to rent?

You must be 25 years old to rent or operate a rental boat.

Can I bring pets on board?

For safety reasons, we ask that you please refrain from bringing pets onto the boats. Service animals are always welcome.

Can I smoke on the rentals?

To keep each boat rental in peak condition for the next renter, we ask that you refrain from smoking on the rentals.

Do boats come with safety equipment?

Yes, each boat rental comes with the required safety gear and accessories. Anyone requiring under- or oversized PFDs must provide their own.

Are you able to deliver the rental boat?

Yes! We can deliver your rental boat. Call us for more information about boat delivery so we can know where to deliver your rental.


We do not offer daily rentals

When should boats be returned?

Boats must be returned to the designated delivery point by 4:00 p.m. at the end of the rental period. The boat rental must be clean and full of fuel unless other arrangements have been made.

What types of boats do you have?

Depending on your style and boat size requirements, you can choose from 3 popular styles of rental boats.

Is there a cancellation fee for last-minute cancels?

Cancellations that occur at least 14 days from your rental date will incur a $100 cancellation fee. Cancellations that occur less than 14 days from your rental date, and cancellations based on "no shows," will forfeit their deposit.

What's the deposit fee to reserve a boat?

A reservation deposit of $550 is required to reserve a boat rental. The deposit will be converted to a security deposit upon signing the boat rental contract.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Downeast Boat Rentals. A staff member from our boat rental service in Sullivan, ME will be happy to answer your questions.

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